April 14, 15, 16  - Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN

Sponsored by the Minnesota Horse Council
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2022 MN Horse Expo Speakers/Demos

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Filipe Masetti Leite

Filipe Masetti Leite is a world-renowned Long Rider, award-winning journalist, and best-selling author. The Brazilian born cowboy is the youngest person in the world to cross the Americas on horseback. In 2020 he was chosen as the Calgary Stampede’s Grand Marshal and ‘white-hatted’ by Mayor Naheed Nenshi. He is the author of the best-sellers, Long Ride Home (soon to be a motion picture) and Long Ride to the End of the World, published in Portuguese (Harper Collins) and English, soon to be released in Spanish. Filipe is a regular contributor to The Toronto Star, a frequent guest on Rede Globo’s Fantastico, Brazil’s most watched Sunday night television show, and is writing his third memoir, Last Long Ride. His feature Documentary, The Long Rider, will be released in 2022 on Super Channel and Amazon Prime Canada. The first pair of boots he wore on his Long Ride are on display at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto and two statues, more than five meters tall, have been erected in Brazil to celebrate his feat

Filipe Leite and Smokey

How to Go On a Long Ride

Thursday, Friday and Saturday   Horse Barn Ring   11:00-12:00

Smokey is a wild horse from the Osoyoos Indian Band in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. I trained him for the ride and together with Mac, another wild horse from the area, I rode more than 3600 km from Alaska to Calgary Alberta from 2019 - 2020. He is a grey, stands at 14.3 and is a real firecracker. He is small in stature but HUGE in spirit! Very strong, resilient, and rustic! The kind of horse you want under you on a Long Ride.

Learn everything about Long Riding and what kind of horse to take on the trail from the youngest person in the world to cross the Americas on horseback!

Life Lessons from the Long Rider

Thursday, April 14 

DNR Building


Friday, April 15

DNR Building 


Saturday, April 16

DNR Building 


Filipe Masetti Leite, the youngest person in the world to cross the Americas on horseback, doesn’t believe in the word impossible.

After graduating from Ryerson’s journalism program, thanks to a scholarship, the third generation cowboy decided to live his life’s dream — travel the 16,000 km that separate the Great White North from his native home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Not by car, motorcycle or even bicycle, but on horseback. At age twenty-three, the new grad built a “war room,” in his stuffy apartment and began planning this near-impossible journey. He didn’t have anything he needed. No horses, saddles, equipment, or money. But with his cowboy mantra, “quitting is never an option,” after two years, he was given everything he needed.

Not only did the tie-down roper arrive in Brazil healthy and alive with his three horses Frenchie, Bruiser and Dude, 803 days after departing from the Calgary Stampede Rodeo, he went even further. Filipe ended up undertaking two more journeys riding from Brazil to Ushuaia, Argentina and then Alaska to Calgary, Alberta. Becoming the youngest person and only fourth in the world to cross the Americas on horseback. An 8-year project that took Filipe and his beloved horses across 12 nations, trekking more than 25 000 kilometers.

Using anecdotes, photos and videos from his epic adventures, Filipe has motivated crowds all over the Americas with his inspiring and emotional talk.

Topics include strategic planning, horsemanship, equipment on a Long Ride, teamwork, managing stress and more.

The Long Rider

Join Filipe Leite after the film in the DNR Building

Thursday, Friday and Saturday  DNR Building  5:00-6:30


Film Title: The Long Rider
Running Time: 96 mins
Genre: Documentary, Drama  

Director: Sean Cisterna
Producers: Sean Cisterna, Filipe Masetti Leite
DOP: Filipe Masetti Leite

Film Synopsis: When Filipe Leite leaves his adoptive home of Canada, the aspiring journalist sets out on an epic quest to ride from Calgary to his family's home in Brazil - and later beyond - entirely on horseback. Inspired by Aimé Tschiffely's 1925 equestrian journey, Filipe's 8 year odyssey of over 25,000 kms across 12 international borders, sees the young immigrant battle intense heat, drought, speeding transport trucks, nature's wrath and corrupt border guards on his history-making long ride home. Culled from over 500 hours of never-before-seen-footage. The film won the Audience Choice Award at the Beaufort International Film Festival in February 2022.


Filipe is sponsored at Expo by Saddle Up Clothing Company
and will be at their booth during Expo!



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