April 28, 29, 30 - Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN

Sponsored by the Minnesota Horse Council
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2023 MN Horse Expo Speakers/Demos

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The North Central Liberty Horse Club, created by Amanda Sommer in January 2021, is an affiliated club under the International Liberty Horse Association (ILHA), providing a local connection within the ILHA by serving the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa. The North Central Liberty Horse Club offers a place to build relationships and connections with other enthusiasts who have the common love for liberty, while offering support, education and encouragement to one another. The club offers liberty shows and competitions throughout the season and as other educational opportunities such as clinics, demos and club practices. Liberty is a new, growing discipline that enables you to connect and build an everlasting bond with your horse while allowing them to express themselves freely without restrictions. All breeds, body types, sizes and horses of any age can compete and participate in the discipline of liberty. Find the freedom! Join the North Central Liberty Horse Club! Learn more at northcentralLHC.com

Amanda Sommer

Amanda Sommer runs and operates her own training business Sommer Strides Horse Training LLC out of Fredonia, WI and has been training horses for over 16 years. Focusing on biomechanics and classical training, Amanda strives to promote balance, soundness and a positive connection with all her horses. She began her liberty journey back in 2014 when she competed in the American Horsewoman's Challenge. This training competition included three phases: Cowboy Dressage, Extreme Trail and Liberty. Competing with a 5-year-old wild mustang, Amanda managed to place 5th in the liberty class and 7th overall out of 50 trainers from around the world. Besides the American Horsewoman's Challenge, Amanda has competed in seven Mustang Makeovers throughout the years and truly has a passion for the mustang. Sommerstrides.com.

Laura Baker

Laura Baker became interested in liberty through her work gentling Mustangs. She loves the connection and communication that combine to build a harmonious relationship between horse and human. In addition to teaching liberty horsemanship, Laura competes in Extreme Mustang Makeovers where she uses liberty as the foundation of developing the relationship with the horse. Laura didn’t grow up with horses and it wasn’t until she completed her Master’s in Business Administration that she finally got her first horse. Laura instantly connected with horses and has developed her keen ability to understand and communicate with the horse through subtle and minute body language known as “intention movement”. Using these principals and through observation of others, Laura has developed her liberty program. Laura has worked with several horses at liberty and has created a team of liberty horses from her own herd. Most of Laura’s foundation came from her experience working Mustangs and her deep desire to learn everything she could from others about natural equine behavior. Through her horse training business, Everyday Horsemanship, Laura offers clinics, performances, demos and lessons throughout the country and at her home in Albany, Wisconsin.  http://everydayhorsemanship.com/

Presentation Schedule

Friday, April 28

DNR BLDG Talk:  10:00-11:00  Intro to the NCLHC

Receive a proper introduction to the North Central Liberty Horse Club as well as the International Liberty Horse Association. Explanation of the organization, their mission, membership benefits and more. Get all your questions answered

Compeer Arena   Noon-1:00   Liberty in the Round Pen

Learn how to initiate liberty in the round pen. Instructions will focus on body position and communicating with your horse through their language, creating direction, drive and draw.

Compeer Arena   2:00-3:00  Liberty Trick: Rear and Spanish Walk

Learn the steps in teaching your horse popular liberty tricks. Spanish Walk & the Rear.

Compeer Arena   5:00-6:00  Steps to Bridleless Riding

See the steps taken to ride your horse bridleless. Learn how to break down the cues and create a responsive soft horse.

Saturday, April 29

Compeer Arena  9:00-10:00  Liberty How to Begin

Learn how to begin liberty with your horse, how to take those first steps and start to build and create that relationship and connection. See simple exercises demonstrated and explained to make it easy for you and your horse to understand.

DNR BLDG Talk  10:30-11:00  Intro to the NCLHC

Receive a proper introduction to the North Central Liberty Horse Club as well as the International Liberty Horse Association. Explanation of the organization, their mission, membership benefits, and more. Get all your questions answered.

Compeer Arena  1:00-2:00  Liberty Tricks: Lay Down and Sit

Learn the steps to teaching your horse popular liberty tricks such as the lay down and sit.

Compeer Arena  4:00-5:00  Advancing Your Liberty Horse

See how to advance the training of your liberty horse, creating a deeper draw and start to work your horse from further distances. Learn how to handle the moments when you lose connection while maintaining a positive relationship with your horse.

Sunday, April 30

DNR BLDG Talk:  10:00-11:00 Competing at Liberty

Find out all you need to know about competing at liberty through the International Liberty Horse Association (ILHA). Hear the breakdown on the levels, divisions, patterns and the rules you need to know. Also learn how to set up your arena at home to compete virtually. Get all your questions answered from an official carded ILHA judge.

Compeer Arena  2:00-3:00  Creating a Liberty Team

Learn the steps to starting liberty with multiple horses and creating a liberty team from the ground.



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