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Guy McLean, a featured clinician at the 2016 MN Horse Expo

Tell us why you came to the Expo!

photo by Kay Kruse-Stanton

"The obvious – HORSES and equipment/trainers.
Been coming for 9 years now, wouldn’t miss it unless I had a sick horse!"

photo by Kay Kruse-Stanton

"I have horses and I come every year!
It is a one stop shop of tack, educations, demos and just a fun time!"

photo by Kay Kruse-Stanton

"I own two American Quarter horses and have been interested in horses my entire life,
horses are amazing and I love to learn new things about them and love to enjoy the
'horsey' atmosphere."

photo by Kay Kruse-Stanton

“Girls weekend, spend time with my daughter. Shopping. Rodeo. Parade of Breeds."

photo by Kay Kruse-Stanton

"I come every year for the great deals I can get on stuff for my horses and
to generally be around a horse crazy crowd."

"I love horses! Love the vendors, seeing the different breeds and the training sessions.
Good place to get something you need for your horses."

"We love the Expo! I have come every year for the past seven years after
being a California transplant to Minnesota. We love everything horses."

"To learn of new/improved products, shop and clinics."

"I love coming for all the speakers. The booths are a bonus."

"I have attended for 16 years straight now, it is something of a tradition.
I have loved horses all my life. This is a venue designed for all horse-people!"

"It’s a great family event for the horse lovers, we have been going
every year for about 15 years now."

"To browse the exhibitors. We don’t have any western stores around our area, so I buy everything I need for that year at the Expo otherwise I have to order it off the internet and sometimes that becomes a problem with shipping and everything. It is a lot more convenient to shop at the Expo! I also come for the speakers and to learn new techniques. I am very excited for Charmayne James this year. I have been her number one fan ever since I was a little girl! I can’t even explain how much she has motivated me to do what I do best and that is barrel racing!"

"Three years ago, I was traveling from Winnipeg Manitoba, back home to Thunder Bay, Ontario. While driving partially through Minnesota, I came across a “horse paper” in a gas station. The Expo was the following weekend. I yearned to go but was tired from traveling (and broke). We were undecided until the Wednesday before. My hubby, son and I left on Thursday for the 8 hour drive. I was blown away by the Expo (in a good way). I vowed that I would try to go back every year."

"We come every year (missed one out of sixteen years) to see what is new,
pick up things on our need/wish list and watch some demonstrations."

"Because it is a time to meet new horse people. It is a time of learning.
A yearly event that we would not miss….It is our state fair!"

"To show off my breed of horse"

"I am living in (a nearby state), I find your Expo to be the most FUN, and the most educational!!!"

"I love all the training info from famous trainers, the shopping the shows, all
the demonstrations, the Rodeo, I come there for it all."

"I shopped ‘til I just about dropped and then went to the rodeo."

"I just wanted to say that we live in Regina, Saskatchewan, noticed a poster for the Expo in a tack shop in Williston, ND a couple of months ago, and decided a trip to the Expo for my 15 year old daughter and I would make a very special and memorable mom/daughter outing. We were not disappointed in the least. It was outstanding! The drawing card that got us there was John Lyons. Not only were the many booths outstanding, but my daughter bought a saddle she had been saving up for, and despite the exchange, I know that she saved $700 Canadian by buying it at your Expo. Wow! Perhaps we can come back next year and bring some friends. Keep up the good work."

"I can pretty much sit in the Coliseum all day!"

"The variety from year to year – it’s never dull and it’s always unique."

"Parade of breeds and speakers."

"I love that you brought Jane Savoie to Minnesota! Her seminars were fabulous
and I brought home a lot of great tips and valuable information."

"I like it all!"

photos below taken by Nikki Dorn - click to enlarge


Click to enlarge - photo credit Gaylen Bicking

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