April 14, 15, 16  - Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN

Sponsored by the Minnesota Horse Council
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2022 MN Horse Expo Speakers/Demos

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Keri Rogalla

Start Your Mustang
Thursday, April 14
   5:00-6:00pm  Compeer Arena

How to start your Mustang journey, qualifications and requirements for adopting, how to start training for success, youth and TIP challenge goals

Helping Youth Train Mustangs
Friday, April 15
   10:00-11:00am  Compeer Arena

Helping youth trainers to be innovative with their training, problem solve, train safety and obstacle training

Advanced Youth and Mustang Skills
Saturday, April 16
   9:00-9:45am  Compeer Arena

Advanced Youth and Mustang skills, including the fun freestyle class, advanced skills, what happens during and after the competition.

Braiding and Hair Care



Horse Barn Ring



Horse Barn Ring



Horse Barn Ring

How do we maintain all that gorgeous gypsy hair?
Braiding and hair care from gypsies that can apply to any breed.

When I was a child, I always wanted to be a horse trainer and had the good fortune to be in a family with the ability to have horses. I grew up riding and after getting a associations degree in Equine Science I moved back home and opened up Rogalla Riding Center in Marathon, WI. It’s there where I currently teach lessons, train horses and gentle mustangs to pursue my passion for horses. Competing in a Mustang Challenge opened my eyes to new and innovative training methods and towards how many youth can benefit and find their passion with mustangs. When I’m not training mustangs, I raise and train Gypsy Vanners, trail ride and enjoy all things horse related.


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