April 28, 29, 30 - Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN

Sponsored by the Minnesota Horse Council
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2017 MN Horse Expo Speakers/Demos

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MN High School Equestrian Assoc

Earn a High School Varsity Letter for competing in Equine Activities!
An introduction to the MN High School Equestrian Association.

Friday, April 28

Cattle Barn Speaker Area

Saturday, April 29

Cattle Barn Speaker Area

Sunday, April 30

Cattle Barn Speaker Area

Are you a High School Student? Parent, Instructor or Trainer of a High School Student? Visit with Andrea Dubay regarding this amazing program and find out just how easy it is to earn YOUR high school varsity letter by attending your regular show schedule with your horse. The MHSEA has established JV-level and Varsity-level riding criteria for the following disciplines: Dressage, Equitation/Horsemanship & Pleasure–NON-WSCA, Equitation/Horsemanship & Pleasure–WSCA ONLY, Eventing, Hunter/Jumper, Reining, and Western Games.  A full description of what is included in each of those disciplines, is on the MHSEA website (www.mhsea.org). MHSEA registration is open to youth currently in grades 8-11. Simply register on our website, attend your regular competitions and then submit your season results to us in the Fall! Call 763-755-7729 or email info@mhsea.org for additional information.  Registration is currently open! Sign up right here at the Expo in the MN Horse Council Booth C170 in the Coliseum.

Andrea Dubay works as the Administrative Assistant to the MN Horse Council and manages The Stable at Maple Hill in Buffalo, MN. I have dedicated my life to horses and horse people looking to encourage participation in all aspects of the Equine community. Through experience on the Tri-State Horsemen's Association Board of Directors and as a 4H Judge, I recognized a need for youth involvement and recognition which lead me straight into the MN High School Equestrian Association committee of the MN Horse Council. Rewarding youth with a Varsity Letter from their High School is a great way to recognize Equine sports in mainstream athletics.  As a high school student, I would have loved for such a program to have existed and I am finding great joy in bringing the MN High School Equestrian Association to the youth of today.


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