April 28, 29, 30 - Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN

Sponsored by the
Minnesota Horse Council
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2017 MN Horse Expo Speakers/Demos
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Richard Shrake

Friday, April 28

Coliseum Arena

Trails and Obstacles
Crystal clear detail on position and control for riders of all levels of the riding trail. Learn from Richard Shrake in a step-by-step method the walkovers, gate, back through, side passing and trot-overs without your horse becoming nervous. You will learn the basics of patience, precision and timing with your horse

Friday, April 28

AgStar Arena

Proper Horsemanship Riding
Taught by Richard Shrake, the Master of Horsemanship.  Whatever your passion is: to ride for pleasure riding or show riding, you will learn how to perfect the rider position, proper equipment, patterns and individual work.  Also drills and exercises for mastering a quiet seat, hands and legs.

Saturday, April 29

Coliseum Arena

Training the Unbroke 2-year-old Horse
Without a round pen, Richard is working with an unbroken 2-year-old horse up to having him under saddle and being ridden. This horse is only halter broke with no previous training or handling. You will see by using the Resistance Free methods this young horse become obedient, quiet and ready to go on with his training program with a willing spirit. This horse will bond with Richard and communicate with him through Richard’s body movement. You will recognize signs of submission and acceptance from the horse that you have never realized.

Saturday, April 29

AgStar Arena

Overcoming Fear by Building Confidence in Your Riding Skills
Learn to ride with confidence by knowing how to break down the walk, jog and lope. Learn proper riding techniques for collection, leads and backing. Richard will teach you how to produce cadence and steady performance.

Sunday, April 30 11:00-11:55

AgStar Arena

Determine Your Horse’s Trainable Attitude and Athletic Ability
Richard will work with riders and horses to determine their horse’s natural and bred capabilities. He will analyze the rider and horse mounted, when riding and dismounted and by horse measurements.

Sunday, April 30

AgStar Arena

Groundwork for Showmanship
Richard will teach you body position as cues, working together shoulder to shoulder, setting your horse up, turns, where to stand, trotting, patterns and tips for a perfect turn out. Learn to totally control your horse through the horse’s mind and your body movement.

Richard Shrake is an educator, not an entertainer. He has been an icon in the horse industry for over 40 years. He is a trainer and showed the All Around Champion horse at the Quarter Horse Congress, instructed and coached over 40 World Champion youth and amateur winners in many breeds and judged 16 World Championship shows for 5 major horse breeds. Richard, himself, has trained and ridden in hundreds of horse shows all over the nation.
His career is so extensive in every walk of the horse industry that his knowledge is undeniable. His talent to pass this on the all horse people is a gift that he shares with all who want to learn. His teaching techniques are to instill confidence, patience, knowledge and a complete step-by-step with horse and rider to accomplish their goals, whatever they might be.



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