April 26, 27, 28 - Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN

Sponsored by the Minnesota Horse Council
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2019 MN Horse Expo Speakers/Demos
Schedule is subject to change

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Northern Lights Versatility Ranch Horse with Russ Ratkowski

Northern Lights Versatility Ranch Horse Association is the local affiliate of the National Versatility Ranch Horse Association. The world of “versatility” is available to all breeds and all skill levels from novice up through the open division. We provide a program and place for showcasing the versatility of a horse and rider by requiring participation in all five classes. Two of the classes include handling cattle (cutting, boxing, fencing, circling or roping) and two performance classes (ranch riding, ranch trail) and a final in Conformation class (form to function conformation). You spend the weekend on your horse in a learning environment. You participate in an all-day clinic on the first day, followed by a low-key schooling competition on the second day. Come see what all the excitement is about with the “versatility” events by joining Northern Lights Versatility Ranch Association! We will be demonstrating and explaining each of our five classes focusing on the novice/beginner rider/horse team. We are excited to introduce you to Versatility!!

Russ Ratkowski has been an NLVRHA certified clinician/judge for many years.
As an National Reining Horse Association professional, Russ enjoys training reining horses at his full-time training operation. Russ and his wife, professional barrel racer, Nicole Ratkowski, own and operate RNR Performance Horses, located in Cloquet, Minnesota. Russ is a multi-time NRHA/NCHRA Champion and Reserve Champion. He graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture – Emphasis in Animal Science. He has been training horses and assisting riders learning the art and science that make up the five components of NVRHA events for many years. As an NVRHA certified clinician/Judge he guides riders of all levels to improve their skills in a patient and supportive manner. RNR Performance Horses offers training and coaching specializing in reining and barrel racing.

Friday April 26

Noon-1:30 Compeer Arena
Intro to Versatiity Ranch Horse – Working Ranch Horse

The Working Ranch Horse performs a reining pattern and cow work (boxing, fencing, circling/roping). We will discuss the basic skills you need to develop on your horse to build upon as you progress through the reining maneuvers. This demonstration will also teach you how to introduce your horse to cow work and how to maintain control of your cow as you work it in the boxing and down the fence. We will also touch on how to practice when you do not have access to cows.

Saturday April 27

Noon-1:00 Compeer Arena

Intro to Versatility Ranch Horse - Ranch Cutting
Learn the basics of ranch cutting including herd work, how to cut a cow and how to work a cow. Never seen a cow before? We will show you how to introduce your horse to a cow. This demonstration will teach you exercises to do with your horse, with and without cows, that will develop the skills necesssary for a successful cutting run!

Sunday, April 28

11:00-Noon Compeer Arena
Intro to Versatility Ranch Horse - Ranch Trail, Ranch Riding & Ranch Conformation
Learn skills that will help your horse become more confident with trail obstacles. In ranch riding, learn how to develop a smooth transition between a walk, trot & lope. You will also learn rope handling skills and ways to practice your roping when you don't have access to cows. For ranch conformation, we will show you how to be successful in the class with at home exercises.


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